Before and After the General Election

I haven’t posted any information since March, and a lot has happened since then. A lot has changed. Cornwall Protect met with Cornwall Council in April before the General Election with the Local Plan being the main agenda item. The main issues for us were the lack of response to our comments on the Renewal […]

Turbine alley is ruining Cornwall – a visitor’s view

Hopefully WMN and Mr Gibson will allow us to reprint the following reader’s letter, which graphically supports local complaints that wind and solar farms are destroying the Cornish landscape and are beginning to have a negative effect on tourism, our greatest source of income. “What have they done to Cornwall? For the first time in […]

Country File – An unhappy experience

Cornwall Protect¬†were right to be suspicious of the media. For those of you who didn’t see it Cornwall Protect only got a 25 second slot on Country File which contained nothing of the main issue we wished to raise, the destruction of Cornwall’s greatest sustainable asset, the Landscape. After a lengthy filming session to get […]