Council changes plans on wind turbine applications following changes in Government policy


24 July 2015

Cornwall Council has decided not to submit planning applications for wind turbines to be built on three sites on Council owned land following the Government’s recent change of policy on wind turbines.

The Council had originally proposed to build wind turbines on six sites across Cornwall. However, following consultation with Members, partners and local residents, this was reduced to four sites. The Government’s change in policy means that only one of those sites is now supportable in planning terms.

This site is at Ventonteague (near Carland Cross) for which a planning application has already been submitted.  In respect of the other 3 sites (Pennans at Grampound, Barwick at Tregony and Levalsa at St Ewe) the Council will not currently pursue applications at this stage in view of the prevailing policy. However the authority will keep the matter under review.

Councillor Bob Egerton, the elected Member for the Probus, Tregony and Grampound electoral division, within whose division the two turbines were proposed, said, “I am very disappointed that we have had to put the  two projects in my division on hold.

“I have always felt that these turbines would have been good for the environment, good for Cornwall Council’s finances, and good for local residents through the community funds linked to the projects. However, the reality is that central government has changed the rules making it virtually impossible to approve any new onshore wind projects and we will have to live with the consequences of that decision.”

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