Response to Draft Local Plan

Response to Draft Local Plan

Response to Draft Local Plan for attention of Cornwall Council/PPAP The Local Plan will form the basis for future development in Cornwall. We expect all Cornwall Councillors will have studied the Draft Local Plan in detail and realise that all the development outlined will impact on the character of Cornwall’s greatest sustainable asset – it’s […]

Separation Distances

Where Wiltshire leads why does not Cornwall follow ? Why does not Cornwall Council have minimum distances between turbines and homes ? Why is Cornwall Council frightened of local democracy ? Are they afraid of true LOCALISM ? Please sign up to CornwallProtect’s epetition – available to sign easily – see Petition below. Also let […]

Wind Turbine Petition

Please help to protect Cornwall by signing the Petition below on Cornwall Council’s website and also passing on this information to friends in Cornwall Wind Turbine Petition – Cornwall Do you wish to help protect Cornwall’s landscape, residential amenity and tourist income? There are currently over 400 wind turbine applications before Cornwall Council. There will […]