Don’t miss Countryfile, BBC1, Sunday 8th February, 7.00pm

Following Cornwall Protects contribution to Radio 4 “You and Yours” some weeks ago we were asked to take part in an item on this coming Sundays Countryfile programme about Wind Turbines. We treat any contact with the media with extreme caution given their idea of fairness normally gives Wind Turbine Developers a further platform to spout their unsubstantiated […]

MPs vote to kill wind subsidies

I seem to recall that just before the 2010 elections David Cameron promised us an end to onshore wind farms. Indeed, that was more or less his first public announcement following the election, but it all got conveniently lost somewhere between the NPPF and the Climate Change Act. With impeccable timing here it comes again […]

A New Year, the same old problems. but we must keep trying.

Cornwall Protect has been quiet for a while but not inactive. In a moment of exasperation we emailed the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council and asked if there was any point in us meeting with them when we saw no change in their disregard for the views of communities and residents. This produced a speedy response, […]